"These days we parents are so tied up in making a living that we don't get to talk to our kids nearly as much as our parents were able to talk with us. This is the perfect door opener for these types of conversations."


"This book was really good and it made me think about what happens to other children. The stories were good and I could relate well."

-jaida s., 5th grade

"I started crying when me and my mom talked about this book. It reminded me of the bullying that happened to me last year. I hope this book will help someone else not have to go through what I went through."

-Jai'Ana J., 6th Grade

"I think the book was amazing. All the situations that went down were realistic. I've seen these types of situations happen inside of my school. I think that if teens read this it could change a lot in the way they act and react."

-Marissa d., student

"A much needed resource for families, schools, churches and communities that explores effective solutions to the bullying epidemic."


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